How long does the notification take to get to every classroom?

Almost instantly. Every Haven is independent from one another, and is not connected to a centralized panel (like a fire alarm system in your building). The benefit to this is if one Haven isn't working at the time of a threat (blocked signal, broken, no power, etc.), the signal will be automatically re-routed to the next closest Haven. In a matter of seconds, your entire building will know there is an active threat and can make life-saving decisions faster.

We already have a plan in place for active threats, why do we need to have Havens in our school?

In the United States, the highest percentage of calls to police for crimes of violence result in a wait time of 11 minutes to 1 hour. In active threat situations, where seconds truly count, the Haven can help. Here is an example of the chain of events which occur under a typical active threat plan: Typical Plan: ~5 minutes

  1. Student/staff discover the threat and run to a classroom with a staff person
  2. Student/staff relay message to others in room or whomever can make a call to office of the threat occurring somewhere in the building
  3. The designated person in the room places a call to the main office to inform them of the threat
  4. An office person announces on an intercom there is a threat and where it is
  5. Everyone begins their evacuation/lockdown protocol
  6. The office then calls the police for help
Plan with Havens: ~5 Seconds
  1. Student/staff discover the threat and activate the closest Haven to them. This notifies the entire building of the threat and its location instantly.
  2. Everyone begins their evacuation/lockdown protocol and the office calls the police for help

Is this mandated by the government?

No. There is not a federal or state mandate that requires schools to have physical devices that notify a building of an active threat. There are, however, mandates that schools must have a plan in place should an active threat occur. The Haven is meant to act as an additional tool for your current procedures, not replace them.

Will having Havens in our school prevent active shooters?

We believe having Havens in your school will do two things:

  1. Discourage perpetrators from attempting to carry out active threats against your building, since they’ll now be aware that within seconds, the building will be instantly notified and that the police can arrive on scene much quicker.
  2. Calm fears from students, staff, and parents by equipping them with a tool that can save countless lives with the simple push of a button.

How much does a Haven cost?

The cost per Haven is $225. This includes the following:

  1. Haven
  2. Power Cord
  3. Outlet Cover
  4. Plastic Raceway (to enclosure power cord)
  5. Installation
  6. Testing
  7. 1 Hour Training

What is the wait time for getting this system in my school?

Typically 60-90 days after you have signed and returned your proposal. This can fluctuate depending on schedules and inventory.

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